The purpose of monitoring and event management is to systematically observe services and service components, and record and report selected changes of state identified as events. This practice identifies and prioritizes infrastructure, services, business processes, and information security events, and establishes the appropriate response to those events, including responding to conditions that lead to potential faults or incidents. 

Continuous Monitoring

Cloud Valley follows the DevOps practice of Continuous Testing in agile projects. Ken Durbin defined Continuous Monitoring as “the formal process of defining an agency’s IT systems, categorizing each of these systems by the level of risk, application of the controls, continuous monitoring of the applied controls, and the assessment of the effectiveness of these controls against security threats.”


Our monitoring experts provide our customers with a wide range of professional services, including vulnerability assessment, security compliance, employee security awareness, advisory patch management, intelligence feeds, penetration testing, risk survey & design review. Additionally, we provide several managed services offerings such as NOC as a Service.


Cloud Valley is a delivery partner of various vendors including CA Technologies, Microsoft and Centerity and excels in implementing leading monitoring solutions.

As part of our end-to-end solution we utilize a variety of products for monitoring and event management.


Out team consists of security analysts, security engineers and security architects. Our experts are certified information systems security professional (CISSP).

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