A Brave New Order

AIaaS Bridging the Gap between Artificial Intelligence and Project Management

AI has been around for dozens of years, but over the last few years, it has gained extreme momentum in almost every self-respecting industry, industry and organization. Thanks to the cloud computing revolution, complex models can be created from any laptop, providing clients with extremely high availability of their apps and data, while responding in almost real-time.

There are many online guides and instructional videos on the subject, at least at the basic level, and every day we are exposed to a new industry, profession, or business end that requires both the ongoing use of these technologies and in-depth solutions that cannot be created in one fell swoop. To maintain a competitive edge and to be the first to launch a new service or product – just as is the case in other areas – it is better to utilize already established experts, instead of trying to learn it yourself from scratch.

Planning is the Name of the Game

Large corporations, such as Microsoft and Facebook, eagerly learned the new emergent Cloud functionalities and capabilities. However, to truly utilize the budding new tools, a new type of project management was needed, one which combined the old frameworks of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing work plans with the speed and ever-changing nature of the Cloud.

Why isn’t old-fashioned PM good enough for AI?

There are a number of reasons, each leading to the next. The first step is the simplest – check the Organizational Match. Even if you have AI knowledge, and you have experts on board, the technologies might not match your organization’s goals and direction. This could easily lead to a waste of time, resources and management attention.

Second step is Achieving Neutrality. We all have biases, and often these are built into the very DNA of our workplace. Any such ingrained characteristic could make its way into the algorithms you create. In the world of cloud computing, the ability to replicate, scale out and handle new, elaborate situations is key.  That is why you have to make sure that your algorithms are replicable, scalable, usable in multiple environments and able to suit the standards of any type or location of market.

The third step is Continuous Learning. Kaizen introduced the world to Continuous Improvement; DevOps brought us Continuous Deployment; AI means Continuous Learning. It is a combination of an attitude of openness, willingness to adapt, and trusting your machines and algorithms to discover how to do so.

The fourth is perhaps the most crucial decision for the business – Appropriate Sizing. Do you need a staff of twenty AI scientists and engineers working full-time, or merely three specialists, called upon per project? Do you need a full department or just one mathematician?

And even if you have the match, the neutrality and the never -ending learning set up, and have even done the sizing, you will discover a hard truth: mathematicians and algorithm creators often lack business acumen. The management decisions – what should be prioritized when, what are the market demands, how can we exploit a new market better – all these are issues which have nothing to do with the writing of the code. So, the fourth stage is Establishing the Business Side to the AI.

Tie these all to the rapid and ever-changing nature of the cloud revolution, and the old methods become heavily inundated. Critical Chain, Benefits Realization, Earned Value, Iterative and Incremental and more – they all lack speed and flexibility to handle contemporary AI projects.


Enter AI as a Service (AIaaS)

To catch a thief, as the idiom goes, you must set a thief. As cloud development has evolved, and as technological worlds have advanced, Machine Learning (ML) has also made major progress. New automated solutions have been created for a myriad of challenges, allowing businesses and organizations from every field and discipline to develop AI projects at minimum risk and at a sensible cost. AIaaS means that there is someone who is making sure that the end product matches your need and your vision to a tee. The modern day AI Project Manager has to know how to match their opportunities to your organization. The AIaaS providers have to offer neutral code, to match the ever growing number of companies which require their products. As a result, their staff is comprised of engineers who by nature are hungry to learn more, improve their code, and evolve as developers.

In addition, the very notion of hiring such a service means that the scope of the project – the sizing – will be completely appropriate to the business end. The question of staffing and resources is up to the solution provider and therefore will be done prudently. Additionally, if done correctly, the AIaaS provided will allow untrained staff to utilize the system to achieve your business goals, according to your business logic.

And finally, with your product being developed by a trustworthy partner, delivering all the engineering and development aspects, you will be able to focus on hiring the business developers you need to advance your vision. In addition, if the AIaaS provider is part of an experienced systems house, it is sure to be able help you with making inroads into any relevant market.

Making Your Custom Made AIaaS Solution

AI has become part of every day products. From cars and washing machines, to smart phones to night goggles, manufacturers and companies around the globe are being swept into this magnificent revolution. For your business to succeed and to be a leading factor, AIaaS may well be the solution you need.

Part of the Comm-IT group, Israel’s leading systems house, Cloud Valley is the experienced project manager you need to ensure your AI solution is a success. Our experts will learn your organization, discover what the scope of the work is needed and how best to integrate into your business logic and practices. Together, we will develop the AI solution which will you march your business forward, saving you time, money and efforts.

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