As a Databricks’ partner, Cloud Valley is highly qualified with the expertise to accelerate success for data teams with the right software, services and strategic consulting expertise on any cloud infrastructure.
Our experts not only integrate the Unified Analytics Platform, which accelerates innovation by unifying data science and engineering and lines of business, but also Assess, Design and Deliver a data product that matches your needs, market and customers.

Cloud Valley’s Data Architects will create a cost-efficient solution, completely compatible with your Apps, Operations and DevOps practices.
They will tune the platform’s capabilities, by creating analytic workflows that go from ETL and interactive exploration to production delivery of machine learning use cases.

Databricks provides a fully managed, scalable, and secure cloud managed service that reduces operational complexity and total cost of ownership.

Cloud Valley makes it fit your business logic to a tee.

Databricks: Turning Data into Gold

Your business knows that there’s gold in all that data, and your team’s job is to find it. 
But being a detective with a bunch of clunky tools and difficult to setup infrastructure is hard.
You want to be the hero who figures out what’s going on with the business, but you’re spending all your time wrestling with the tools.

Databricks was built to make big data simple by providing a zero-management cloud platform built around Spark that delivers

  •  Fully managed serverless Spark clusters
  • An interactive and collaborative workspace for exploration and visualization
  • A modern data warehouse for structured and unstructured data
  • A platform for powering your favorite Spark-based and ML applications.

So instead of tackling data headaches, you can finally focus on finding answers that make an immediate impact on your business.

As companies continue to set their sights on making data-driven decisions, mastering data engineering is a business necessity.
Utilizing the Databricks platform allows you to scale mission-critical data cleansing, transformations, and manipulations to make business use cases such as real-time dashboards or fraud detection. Built on Apache Spark™, Databricks provides the scale, compatibility and reliability to expand your data engineering capabilities.