Modernization of web applications

Cloud Migration is much more than rehosting your resources on a cloud platform. To fully leverage the benefits of the cloud, you should consider re-architecting and maybe even re-factoring your web application, and switch to PaaS and SaaS services.

CLOUD VALLEY architects will help you modernize your web applications to Microsoft Azure, using Microsoft’s cloud migration best practices of the Cloud Adoption Framework.

Cloud Valley’s migration process constitutes four main steps. These steps allow for a successful and organized migration, while providing full transparency to ensure client expectations are understood, shared, and fulfilled. This process creates maximum success for the process while meeting predetermined goals. The steps are:

Assessment – Analysis of requirements, analysis of the current situation, refactoring, and creation of a migration plan.

Migration – Migration of the application and the data in accordance with an orderly plan and milestones that enable customer follow-up and consistent progress.

Hardening & Monitoring – Monitoring and securing the environment’s information in accordance with best practices, while adapting to customer’s needs and the required compliance.

Operations – Operating the environment until the final transition to production, including an orderly transfer.


Why Cloud Valley?

CLOUD VALLEY has in-depth knowledge and experience using Azure App Service for modernizing web applications, combined with the ability to build Docker images and deploy them to Azure App Service, and proficiency in using the App Service Migration Tool.

CLOUD VALLEY applies robust configuration and security practices for application development, including use of Azure Key Vault and developed frameworks for web app security scenarios.

CLOUD VALLEY applies DevOps practices when modernizing applications, using Azure App Insights or other app monitoring systems, and Azure DevOps tools.

CLOUD VALLEY can ensure your success in integrating web apps into the broader application environment with our expertise in application development skills in ASP.NET, PHP, Node, Python, Java, and our deep familiarity with content management systems.

App Migration Process