Cloud Migration

The advent of the cloud has been one of the greatest challenges and opportunities within the IT world for decades. The promise of rapid, elastic storage and IT services available at the touch of a button is one many organizations struggle to deliver internally, not because the benefits are not there to had, but rather because their own practices and controls have not been adapted to support a radically different way of thinking.

We believe that a coordinated response to the management of cloud services is essential. Apart from the infrastructure and platform management, the operation and management of cloud-based services involves many other practices, such as service financial management, supplier management, capacity and performance management, change control, incident management and deployments management.


Cloud computing allows you to focus on what matters most – creating value for your business. Our multi-disciplinary cloud experts ensure that all aspects are considered when designing the transformation to the cloud, including cyber and information security, DevOps (continuous deployment and continuous monitoring), cost optimization, data platform transformation, as well as backup and disaster recovery.

Additionally, we provide a wide variety of managed services offerings that cover all aspects of cloud operations and maintenance, and which work together, creating a holistic managed service.