Data & AI

Every app needs data, and with increasing amounts of data and data formats, it is key that the right data platform is chosen for your needs. Moreover, the market is facing increasingly large volumes of structured or unstructured data, from a wider and wider variety of sources. Organizations have come to realize how crucial it is for the data they control to be available immediately, highly reliable and up-to-date. To position your solution, software or app correctly, you need not only to choose the correct platform, you need to know that it is properly maintained.  No matter how much data you access or provide, whether for business intelligence, machine learning or artificial intelligence, it all starts with your data platform.


Our data experts provide our customers with a wide range of professional services, from requirement analysis and data architecture, through technology selection and proof-of-concept all the way to delivery of complex projects of all shapes and sizes, including training and technology assistance. Additionally, we provide database administration as either a professional service or a managed service (DBA as a Service).